Stretched canvases

Siemerink specializes in canvases in various quality levels. From the student at the academy to the recognized professional painter.

The combinations of stretcher bars and canvases that can be made are almost endless.

Siemerink supplies a wide range in the following quality levels

  • Basis for studies and the better hobby painter
  • Standard for the starting artist
  • Professional for the professional painter
  • Professional Plus for the advanced painter with large canvases
  • Excellent Pro for the (internationally) recognized painter.

This range is characterized by an increasing quality of stretchers and canvases. For the stretcher bars, you can choose from different thicknesses in the following versions.

  • • Finger jointed bars
  • • Superior laminated bars

For the canvas, a choice can be made from different canvas weights and primers and is available in:

  • • Linen
  • • Cotton
  • • Mix
Professional Plus
Excellent Pro
Alternative design

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