About Siemerink

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Siemerink Houtwaren‘s expertise in processing wood and producing stretcher bars since 1932 has made it one of the most reliable manufacturers of artist’ s materials in Europe.

According to a saying: a painting will never be better than its surface. Siemerink knows this better than anyone else. For three generations the focus has been on sustainable, honest quality, with the sole objective to offer the artist or advanced non-professional the best basis for his or her painting, drawing or aquarelle. The frames, the canvas, the priming and finish - the focus is on quality for each item. Irrespective of whether the artist uses oil, tempera gouache or acrylic paint: Siemerink’ s products are always the best basis for his/her creativity and expression.

Art has no limitations. Siemerink therefore provides stretcher bars and canvasses in various sizes, types and quality. Because artists don’t like conventions and like to explore beyond the beaten track, Siemerink also provides customized solutions. A canvas with a groove? No problem. An extra small corner, an extreme frame size or just a small one? Angled or a deep frame? We can take care of it. Whatever you ask, we’ll make it.

Art is produced at a whim of passion. A painter or artist wants to put his/her fervour and passion onto the canvas as quickly as possible. No problem for Siemerink. Fast and flexible delivery times are things that are standard to us.
Needless to say, Siemerink uses sustainable materials such as wood from sustainable forestry and high quality linen or cotton. And of course our adhesives contain no formaldehyde or other hazardous substances.

Siemerink offers ‘The base to perfection’ with the combination of environmentally friendly production and first class products!

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