About Siemerink

The art of fiery craftsmanship

With an expertise in wood processing and the making of stretcher bars and stretched canvases, dating back to 1932, Siemerink Houtwaren is one of the most reliable manufacturers in Europe.


A painting never gets better than its foundation, the saying goes. At Siemerink, they know this like no other. For three generations, the emphasis has been placed on sustainable and fair quality, with the sole aim of offering the artist or better hobbyist the best basis for his or her painting, drawing or watercolor.

The frames, the canvas, the priming and finishing – every part is characterized by quality. Whether the artist works with oil paint, tempera, gouache or acrylic: Siemerink’s products always form the best basis for his creativity and expression.

Art has no limitations. Siemerink therefore supplies stretcher bars and stretched canvases in the most diverse sizes and qualities. And because artists like to get off the beaten track and don’t like standard, Siemerink also delivers bespoke. A canvas with a recess? No problem. An extra corner, an extreme frame size or rather small? And oblique angle, large frame thickness? Whatever you ask, we make it. Making art is also a fad. Passion.

A painter or draftsman wants to see his enthusiasm on the canvas as soon as possible. No problem with Siemerink. Fast and flexible delivery times are standard with us. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of photos on canvas also appreciate the quality and reliability of the Siemerink stretcher bars and stretched canvases.

It goes without saying that Siemerink works with sustainable materials such as wood from responsible forestry and high-quality pure linen or cotton. And our adhesives naturally contain no formaldehyde or other harmful substances .

With the mix of flexibility, environmentally friendly manufacturing and first-class products, Siemerink offers ‘The base to perfection’!