Fair, socially responsible and with an eye for the environment

At Siemerink, the terms sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible can be mentioned in the same breath as the company name. Even before these subjects became commonplace, they belonged to the spearheads of the company’s business operations.

Siemerink only works with woods that come from responsible sustainable forestry, and only high-quality linen and pure cotton are used for the canvases. When gluing, products are used that are free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Siemerink takes her responsibility in all facets.

Sustainability certifications

PEFC is the international independent quality mark for promoting sustainable forest management. The ultimate goal of PEFC is that all forests in the world are managed in a sustainable way. More than 1,000,000 forest owners who are members of PEFC manage more than 250 million hectares of certified forest worldwide according to the requirements and criteria of PEFC. Nearly 16,000 companies in the supply chain have a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate to supply sustainable wood and paper. For example, PEFC certified wood (products) and paper are traceable from the forest to the many end products.
The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) is an international organization committed to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. FSC speaks of responsible forest management when the ecological, social and economic aspects associated with forest management are taken into account in a balanced way. FSC has arranged this in a transparent manner. Partly because of this, FSC is supported by all major environmental and development organizations. And FSC is unique in this!
Belgian Linen
Just after W.W. II, the Belgian Linen Association was founded. Thanks to the strong cooperation between the members, Belgian weavers were able to promote their linen worldwide. Already at that time, the importance of the ecological aspect of the fibre was emphasized and the use of linen was introduced in various sectors such as clothing, wall coverings and decoration. It was decided to design a quality label under the name “Belgian Linen”. Today, this logo guarantees a quality product manufactured in accordance with the laws of our modern society.
Vital at work

Siemerink Houtwaren is convinced that its employees are the most important capital that the organization possesses. Sufficiently qualified, vital and motivated staff is necessary to be able to move along in the dynamic world of frames (stretcher bars and stretched canvases) Siemerink Houtwaren has the ambition to remain an important player in the market in the coming years. In order to be able to continue to perform sustainably, it is important to invest in the sustainable employability of employees. That is why Siemerink started from February 2016 with the multi-year plan: “vital to work”

Dutch Man is the representative trade association of Dutch brush, brush and wood products manufacturers. Siemerink is affiliated with the association. Dutch Man was founded in 2015 through a merger of the Vereniging van Nederlandse Borstelfabrikanten (Association of Dutch Brush Manufacturers) and the Association of HAS (Wood Industry). The association is proud of the enormous range of quality products that Dutch Man members make and that have made a name for themselves both nationally and internationally. They are also proud of the passion and craftsmanship, creativity and entrepreneurship of their members. This deserves a strong and active trade association that offers more than just legal and personnel support. Dutch Man sees it as a goal and a challenge to promote this beautiful Dutch industry nationally and internationally by joining forces.