Bespoke stretcher bars

Bespoke - Stretcher bars

Siemerink is the specialist for bespoke bars. You can choose from a variety of profiles in different thicknesses and dimensions. These are available in any desired length. With the wooden profiles, every size up to and including 3 meters is available in cm and even in mm sizes. With the Si-Frame aluminum profiles, any size can be selected and longer lengths of up to 8 meters and more, for example, are possible.
  • Stretcher bars for special or large formats
No matter the size of your painting, Siemerink has the right solution for you with bespoke aluminum or wooden bars.
  • Lots of stable options
To make this possible for you, Siemerink supplies extra heavy laminated wooden or aluminum bars. Long/Specific lengths in mm sizes. To further increase the stability of the extremely large frames, Siemerink profiles have the option to double intermediate bars or crosses. 
You ask, we do. With the large selection of wood and aluminum, the possibilities are almost unlimited

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