Museum 65

Laminated - Stretcher bars - Wood

  • Profile 65x44mm
  • 2-Fold laminated spruce wood from sustainable forestry, 100% PEFC-certified
  • Very stable due to the size.
  • Strong 9 mm mortsie / tenon connection
  • Extra high bead of 10 mm
  • The distance between the canvas and the cross bar is 30 mm
  • Possibility of double cross bars for even more stability
  • Choice of Classic 45 intermediate and crossbars or the heavier Classic 65 intermediate/crossbars for Museum 45 and Museum 65
  • Available between 20 cm and 300 cm, made to measure to the millimeter
  • 58 length sizes in stock
  • In bundles, also available per piece
Museum 65 stretcher bars are made from first-class, multi-glued spruce from sustainable forestry, 100% PEFC-certified. This bar has a profile size of 65 x 44mm, making the Museum 65 stiff and strong. The rigidity and stability of the frame is further increased by the 9mm mortise / tenon connection. The Museum 65 has an extra high bead of 10 mm, for a maximum distance between the canvas and the frame. The cross bars are located on the back of the window, so the distance between the fabric and the cross bars is 50 mm. Double slots on top of each other allow the assembly of double crosses for even more stability. Classic 45 intermediate and cross battens or the heavier Classic 65 intermediate / cross battens for Museum 45 and Museum 65 can be used for frames from 60 cm.  

Availiable between 20 cm und 300 cm, in 5-cm-steps, als custom made every millimeter.

Von 60 bis 200 cm standard with 1 notch, von 150 bis 300 cm with 2 notches.


  • 20cm bis 300cm = 6 pieces
  • Als per piece

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