Professional Plus stretched canvases

Stretched canvases

Professional Plus, high quality  stretched canvas for the advanced painter who works with larger canvases, made in the Netherlands.
The stable Professional Plus canvas is very suitable for making larger paintings with a long service life. These canvases are made in the Netherlands. The frame is made of laminated spruce from sustainable forests, 100% certified. These Professional Plus canvases can be supplied with different types of fabrics. Most of these canvases come with a slightly heavier cotton or linen quality that is universally made in a medium texture.
Laminated Profiles
  • 20 x 50mm
  • 25x65mm
  • 35x58mm
  • 45x44mm
  • 64x45mm
These canvases can also be supplied with Si-Frame, thicknesses 25, 35 or 45mm Cotton or Linen, 400 to 500 gr/m2 Available in all common sizes from 30×30 to 120x200cm