Bespoke frames

Bespoke - Stretcher bars - Wood

Special frames for special paintings
  • Years of experience in assembling together individual stretcher frames
  • Large selection of wood and aluminum profiles
  • Large selection of various thicknesses and dimensions
  • Large dimensions possible
  • Also constructions other than rectangular or square
  • Special frames for special paintings
In order to do justice to a painting, particularly large formats are often required. Or sometimes even certain dimensions that deviate from the usual square or rectangular shapes.
  • Lifetime Stability
It is important that the specific bespoke product not only remains stable during the painting, but over the entire lifespan. Siemerink not only has a wide range of special profiles, but also the manual production of these special format frames. Individualization as the basis for your creativity  In short, to meet the creative wishes of the painter, Siemerink can supply bespoke frames, of which a number of examples are shown here.

You ask, we make.

Siemerink is the specialist in bespoke frames. You can choose from a large number of profiles in various thicknesses and dimensions. No frame is too big for us. Other constructions than square are also possible.

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